Client Bills

Discussion (5)

  1. swolfearch

    For many (all?) jobs, it is said, “If it weren’t for clients, this would be a great job!”

  2. Mq

    Solution: release only half of the set, no stamp.

  3. Chp

    We’ve had clients that don’t think that they have to pay for the completed plans if they decide not to build the building! Like it didn’t cost us anything to spend weeks putting the plans together…

  4. DrafterJ

    That sounds exactly like what happened with an old office. We got the other half of the bill as credit at the restaurant. We almost went thru half of it before the place was closed by the BoH.

    There are times I would love this industry if it wernt for clients. Then I meet principles and think better of it.

  5. Kat

    …then there are the principals who continue to make us do projects for half-paying or non-paying repeat clients. You just feel like you’re wasting your time. They could use a stint in business school.