Another Try At Revit

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  1. nicole @ I am a Honey Bee

    I feel sad for you.

  2. rpiboy

    Its not CAD, don’t treat it like CAD. Its 3D modeling based on building design conventions.

  3. John Jones

    best thing to do for a first revit collaborative project is that each team member at each office place a cuss jar next to their desk. AT the end of the project, use the proceeds for the whole team to go out to dinner…it’ll be a nice dinner.

  4. anon

    Sounds like you have walls on top of each other in the same place & you don’t have everything turned on in Visibility & graphics. If you’re a parent just treat Revit like a child. Sometimes you have to learn what the child likes to distract it from doing bad things. If you’re not a parent …. good luck. ;-)

  5. Josh Lloyd

    So not looking forward to learning it.

  6. Nate B

    Never understood the aversion to this program. I have to work in AutoCAD sometimes and get completely frustrated with the number of files it takes to get anything done. Revit was almost natural. I mean isn’t it an architects dream to work in 3D?

  7. jocontreras

    Try archicad….. So much easier…..!

  8. RevitInstructor

    it is important to remember that Revit does not allow you model incorrectly.You MUST learn to think, not only in 3D, but also you need to understand how buildings are assembled.Of all the BIM programs I have used over the years, Revit is the easiest to work with and develop a complete set of construction documents and model.

  9. Hunter

    I don’t use Revit and I only understand it on a rudimentary level but one thing I really don’t like is when I’m checking drawings and find that details that I’ve already checked and approved have changed, and not necessarily in a good way, because of how Revit seems to work. I tell my staff that these details can’t change…the senior interiors person and I are sick of checking the same things over and over and over and over again to make sure that Revit didn’t change something we didn’t want changed. I was told by the staff that I wasn’t giving it a fair chance…I told the one of the staffers that I’d be more than willing to drive him to AutoDesk headquarters to apply for a job. I hate Revit. The only good thing it does for what I do is prove that newer isn’t always better.

  10. Brian

    Agree with most of the comments. We have been using Revit for all our small and large projects. One of the things that does take getting used to is how all the elements are interconnected and that what seems to be just a type change can actually affect how things are displayed since the actual construction changes (Hence your details, Hunter!). Also affects MEP! That irritates me when I can’t make our architects understand that.

  11. Deep Beam

    Just jump in! It’s tough but that’s what we’ve been doing here for 2 years now and every project happens in REVIT now. That applies to new construction, addition/renovation, commercial, residential, interiors, everything is done in REVIT and we are loving it.

  12. E Architect

    We have yet to reach the point when REVIT feels “better” than AutoCAD. So far it takes much more effort, set-up time and frustration to get REVIT to the same point in the project than with AutoCAD. Part of that is familiarity, some of it is getting consultants into REVIT as well and some of it is just that REVIT is a different animal. – Just a correction, REVIT is not really design in 3D but rather a graphic database that just happens to have 3D elements.