Document Formatting

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  1. joearch

    Just be happy they aren’t printing and scanning and then emailing a scanned copy of the file … I can’t believe how often I run into that.

  2. Johnny5

    OR… work on a revit model properly… we’re constantly battling our Principals and their “helpfulness” in our models… yeah, helpfulness.. that’s it…

  3. D

    Ever had people that continually explode your carefully formatted ‘Mtext’ to plain ‘text’? Yeah, I had a PM who did that because it was ‘too hard to see.’ Have fun inserting more abbreviation definitions when none of your text is in-line anymore…

  4. The Wal

    Hey D… “Text2MText” This cmd is your friend. Its been in autocad for over 10 years.

  5. Arc

    more than once i’ve had to fix such reports…it’d take a whole lot less time if i redid the whole from scratch…!!!