Discussion (5)

  1. Phlox

    It comes back, don’t give up! The hardest part is trying to ignore curious folks who want to watch, and feeling like a scratching caveman when everyone else is playing with their smart phones. But clients still love a good drawing.

  2. Random Architect

    Good hand drawn perspectives are becoming rarer and rarer as pretty much all presentation images are now done by computer. Hand sketching is quickly becoming a lost art.

    Like this comic, the last time I did a hand drawn perspective was school.

  3. Jenn

    My office has a monthly sketch trip (on the weekends of course) where people can get together at a different architectural location in NYC and sketch for a few hours, then present to the office. It’s always impressive to see other people’s art styles.

  4. Rinaldo De Lucca

    You should look for your local Urban Sketchers group. There is a page available on Facebook and there you can start your search for your local group. Don’t forget to check the book ‘The Art of Urban Sketching: Drawing on location around the world’. The book is a very good collection of sketches produced by urban sketchers from all corners of the world. Enjoy!

  5. pilote

    Well, don’t hold yourself, just drag a sketchbook with you and sketch whenever you have time and feel like it.