When Times Are Tight

Discussion (5)

  1. Tim

    I worked for a guy who refused to let anyone work when he or is wife were not present at the office. He did not give the day after Thanksgiving as an official holiday but neither of them would work the day so we were forced to burn one of our vacation days. Same around Christmas.

  2. Bob

    Simply put, I believe that architects are by default poor business men/women. Creatives are terrible at budgets and scheduling.

  3. Brij

    I worked for a guy who would crib about making no profit and hence not giving any of us a pay hike. But he would fly back to london from singapore to see his 16 year old kid who just went through a break up!!

  4. Charr

    I love the Mel Brooks reference!!
    “Give these to the boys in lieu of pay”

  5. Central Standard

    Are the check’s bouncing? Wait until you have to go through your state’s Department of Labor to get your money. Plan on three years.

    (Hint: I.R.S. agents coming to the office is a bad sign.)