Revit vs. AutoCAD: Default Units

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  1. Ratwar

    So true…

  2. Karolina

    You can always change units in Revit, don’t you? :)

  3. Jenn

    Have a project now where half the CAD plans are in inches and the other half is in feet, so in Revit everything is skewed off.


    no, this the problem of an entire nation that is still using imperial units.

  5. ant

    metric system

  6. DKNY07

    Yes, about time US joined the rest of the world…

  7. HyunWoo

    Just use metric. Amercans!! your imperial system crashed your satellite!!

  8. D

    You can have hash marks… when you pull the keys from my cold dead fingers.

  9. Numerobis

    the funniest part is to be the neighbor of Americans, using materials made in feet and inches yet building with the metric system. It’s like thinking in a language and talking another one.

  10. E Architect

    The problem arises not out the units of measure but the inability to modify the program to work with the units that the User is most comfortable with. The computer does not care if we measure in Metric, English or whatever but from what I have experienced REVIT is much more cumbersome and unforgiving when trying to use alternate units.

  11. Arc

    i have more problems with the commands…=P…i mix up commands of cad,max AND now revit when i switch from one to another…

  12. adrian

    how bout from imperial to metric. if your using revit in imperial export Revit to DWg in a Metric..its easy to convert.