Revit vs. AutoCAD: Collaboration

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  1. Numerobis

    We usually call it code 18 error.

  2. anon

    We call it a UE (pronounced yooeee) As in turn back around & go back to doing your work.

  3. Jenn

    Hahaha! We had someone at work get pissed off at our bim support staff because “doors and other elements have mysteriously disappeared” from the team model and she wanted us to fix it so Revit stopped randomly deleting things.

  4. guysmiley

    Ahh… the Between Keyboard and Chair error…

  5. E Architect

    What I think this actually points at is the realization that as the power of CAD programs grew the ability to include more and more people on a single project has grown – at some point any gains in efficiency, speed or collaboration from using CAD/BIM are negated with additional people.

    In other words, at some point the team approach breaks down due to that addition of team members and no bit of software will fix that.

  6. SG

    ID10T error