The Costs To Become An Architect

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  1. Streetfools

    Yup, now I’m sure of it, you must work at the firm I work for. Every week, same topics of conversation as my office.

  2. D

    With my wife having sat for the BAR a few years ago, I don’t think whatever article that might have been included the cost of prep for the exams.

    She had to sit through weeks of classes, but they almost guaranteed a pass- 95% pass rate in our state when they took the class. I’m sure that cost and exam totaled hired than our 6 or 7 ARE exams and their fees.

    Then again, she got to take the test all in one go and had almost a guarantee of passing, whereas for us… it’s often years in the making and a moving target to boot.

    I think I’d rather take out a small loan just to get it over with…

    • SleepyArkitetk

      You don’t think that many people taking the ARE sat through weeks of class..for EACH of the exams? Which compounds the cost 7 times

  3. E Architect

    The article parallels closely with my experiences and it is too bad they do not also relate it back to the earning potential, starting salary and typical maximums of different professions. I am amazed that people still enter the profession let alone go into that major.

    At some point one has to make a sufficient amount to justify the costs along the way.
    I fear the profession really has not done very well along those lines for several years now – if not for decades.