Keep It Simple, Stupid

Discussion (6)

  1. reklawoiram

    Printing this out for the copy room bulletin board! So true!

  2. howsthings

    How often has the client also said “the building department only needs a SKETCH”.

  3. Chp

    I always thought that any time the client says, “I’ve already got this designed, I just need you to draw it up…” that we should apply an automatic fee multiplier.

  4. E Architect

    This reminds me how much of the fee is either lost, mismanaged or never adequately established well before the actual workers touch the project.

    One needs not ask why the project is now so over budget but rather why the budget was set so below the project… and who does the budget setting?

    • Archi-dork

      The reason the budget is so low, is that if they didn’t set it so low, there would be 10 other bottom feedinfg firms coming in right behind them with lower fees. Still, it need not be said that sometimes no job is better than a huge loser. Discuss…

  5. SpankyMcFly

    The issue here is poor project management and client relations. If you have a project with a low budget, and the client makes two full plan revisions, there should be notice that they will have additional services fees before any work is done. Architecture is a business, not a charity or some rich housewife’s hobby with no budget.