Too Much To Do

Discussion (4)

  1. Wightzian

    Feels way to familiar.

  2. Tim

    Sounds like a typical week for me as well.

  3. E Architect

    It is not that we have too much work…
    It is the we have too little staff…
    And yet nobody will hire…

    Also – if you have to decide between quantity or quality of work and your boss says, “Do both.” then you have a clue as to where the problem exists.

    For me – the alternative to having too much work is having just enough work. Those who say it is having no work at all are literalistic and therefor would make horrid managers.

  4. Matt

    Yeah, this was every week at my last job. It was amazing how often an unpayed project, or RFP got put ahead of payed work too…no wonder our firm didn’t have any money!