100 Best Jobs of 2014

Discussion (9)

  1. DavidK

    One better than Customer Service Representative. Ouch. Still, I too am surprised we are on the list at all. Looks like salary and number of expected job openings are the prime criteria for this ranking.

  2. Random Architect

    Our office has in-house structural engineers, so at least we beat them! I rubbed it in their faces a bit, made my day, ha ha.

  3. Ratwar

    Actually, Structural Engineers are covered under Civil Engineers, so your sense of superiority is misplaced.

  4. DustinA

    Can’t help put notice that many activities that were once considered tasks of the architect (engineering, construction management, cost estimating) are on the rise. And what we consider the “profession” of architecture is on a down slide. It is our own fault for being to quick to relinquish project items to other professional parties.

  5. howsthings

    Civil engineers are not considered structural engineers in the states where I practice.

    • Ratwar

      Maybe not, but the article lumped them in with Civil.

    • Archie

      Structural Engineers are one subset of Civil Engineers, as far as degrees go. Licensing may be different depending on jurisdiction.

  6. Jim

    You beat out plumber! How did that happen?

  7. Shiona

    I’ve always wondered what’s the difference between civil engineering and structural engineering (after a quick google, apparently, I’m a structural engineer). Anyway, in my country a structural engineer earns half the money of an architect, maybe it will make you feel better :P