Day Long Red Lines

Discussion (2)

  1. mwelsh727

    The problem as I see it is the boss doesn’t know production CAD. Most might know how to sketch with a wide magic marker, but scale and wide lines, just make it work….the drafter has to make this mess fit into the actual space. This means moving a lot of lines in order to make it fit.

  2. Tim

    Our office has a pretty good quality assurance program and we redline all the drawings including the consultants. Also all the architects in our office draw in Revit. The production staff doesn’t get to upset and the boss understands that it takes time to make the corrections. More time at the boards is less time fighting with it in the field and less costly changeorders. I worked at another office for a few years before coming back to the office I’m at now and the CAD staff didn’t appreciate my redlining their drawings until we got through a plan check and the construction of a building with minimal headaches (crazy boss screaming at them).