W2 Forms

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  1. Phlox

    And when you see a building you’ve been working on for two years built and occupied, remember, “You didn’t build that.” Your deductions must have built it! So the little you did take home represents nothing. Congratulations!

  2. Matt

    Ahh Phlox, that was great! Wish there was a LIKE button here!

  3. Matt

    Also, regarding the comic, be glad you get a W-2 at all! If you’re an independent contractor or small business owner they screw you over even worse! And now my independent Health Insurance (that I really liked) I can’t keep and my new rate for slightly worse coverage is 2.5x higher! Thank you Big Brother!

  4. D

    See that number for total withholding? Think of how much that could have made in a CD for a year if you just had to write a check… Oh wait, interest rates are soooo artificially low (thank you Fed Reserve) that it wouldn’t be much lately.

    Ok, think how much of that “refund” check could have made over the course of the year in your 401k or IRA. Instead, we’re good little lenders who play it safe and let your state and fed have ‘free money’ for a year. You’re welcome?

  5. reklawoiram

    Yeah, there’s nothing like a W2 to help remind you of how much money you’re NOT making.