Advice For Architecture Students

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  1. Rebecca Meloni

    Hey-You should hire me to tell the real story!!! When I took ’73 in the 3 day exam in Ohio (one day was hand drafting a design on terrible sepia paper) only15% of the men passed the test on the first attempt but 100% of the women taking the test passed it the first time—-that would be me!!! I fought battles you cannot imagine and was delighted to retire a few years ago while I was still sane. Even though I ALWAYS made less that the men around me I socked it away and got out of Dodge! I am not bitter-I had some wonderful clients and co-workers and great opportunities but I do not recommend it to anyone! How many architects move to Philadelphia and on their first job get to work on a prototype hospital that is built in tiny Webster, Texas and 30 + years later two of their Granddaughters are born in that facility???? It was a roller coaster and the only thing I ever wanted to do.

  2. Rebecca Meloni

    Make that 25 years later……

  3. Daniel Caudy

    I totally agree Rebecca. I took the Ohio exam twice, in 73 and 75. Passed at Kent State. The exam sucked and the design solution would have never been accepted by any client, but it got by the examiners. I loved my work, but hated the working conditions and the constant fight to survive in an economy that seemed to go on forever. Happy to be semi-retired and doing what I want to do as an independent consultant.

  4. Central Standard