“Hand Drawn” Perspectives

Discussion (6)

  1. Hunter

    Sometimes I think I’m the only one who still does anything by hand. Actually, I find it relaxing. Anyone else?

    • TheNeighbor

      I join Urban Sketchers for a monthly sketch walk to keep up with the skill. Suffice to say, a hybrid drawing presentation had more character and faster to make.

  2. WildatHeart

    Vectorworks actually has various “sketch” modes to make your perspectives look hand drawn. There is even a “watercolor” mode. If our clients only knew.

  3. arch!tect

    ^^ I’ve done that with SketchUp before, felt really dirty afterwards…

  4. Random Architect

    I was in College when sketchup was brand, brand new. Nobody suspected I was modeling in sketchup and tracing onto the paper. I had the best perspectives in school, ha ha.

  5. Wally Tirado

    Autodesk Impression! It will even update your “sketch” if end up you updating the CAD file.