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  1. Ratwar

    It could be worse. The Dog could have gone into your office and relieved itself. That happened at my firm once.

    • SrLnclt

      About a year ago I brought my dog in once. He had been wondering around the office so I went to check on him. I found him leaving the bosses office, where he had just done #2.
      Luckily it was a Saturday, so the boss wasn’t in. I was able to clean it up and the boss still has no idea.

  2. Intern Architect

    Again, it could be worse. My boss showed no remorse when his dog bit me a couple of weeks ago. Oh, and yes, the dog is still allowed to come into the office.

  3. ra.ra

    One time when I was away from my desk, the boss’ slobbering dog actually went into my courier bag (which was on the floor under my desk) and stole my lunch sandwich. Later, I found the empty wrapper on the floor of the supply room. Stoopid mutt. Stoopider boss.

  4. ER

    I used to work for a designer out of his house. He had a dog which would always come and sleep by my desk. I think my boss enjoyed feeding the dog hot dog’s which gave the dog the worst gas, The poor dog definitely needed to be bathed more than it did, especially since it was the ‘office’ dog. I constantly had to leave my desk and go out for fresh air all the while the boss is laughing. I’m kind of a cat person, and don’t mind dog’s, it was a good dog – its the pet owner’s who don’t respect people’s boundaries and are amused when others get irritated or upset that get under my skin.