Credit For Design

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  1. SrLnclt

    Welcome to the world of MEP Engineers. We’re lucky to even get invited to groundbreaking or ribbon cutting events. Forget even having your name dropped at these events, or being a footnote on plaques or articles about a project.

  2. swolfearch

    Construction isn’t like Hollywood, where they list everyone who had anything to do with a movie. Still, at least the consultant firms should get credit.

  3. gonk

    Yes, consulting engineers get this treatment regularly. We’ve lost count of the number of times a major project of ours gets some publicity and the owner, architect, and contractor get mentioned while we are omitted.

  4. Cooter70

    I worked on this project once that took about a year to build. The day of the grand opening they had the US Congressman that funneled the money to project and a bunch of local and state politicians. All they talked about at the press conference was how much work and effort the politicians did to make the project happen. They never mentioned the contractor nor the architect. I never seen any of those “important” people at site before that day. Plus anytime one of our projects are in the newspaper, the only time they seem to put our name in it, is if there is a perceived problem with the project. Any other time they don’t know we even exist.

  5. Bill Redmond

    Yeah, the life of an Engineer. We often don’t get our names on the construction sign at the curb and are rarely mentioned in the journal articles.

    • SleepyArkitetk

      That’s cuz you have to put those signs up yourself

  6. pilote


  7. Lee Jay

    I worked on a project in Denver where the Inferior Designer only gave us a size, material, and budget for a pavilion for an office boardroom. I designed it. He signed the sketch and wanted built and installed in two weeks. We had it fabricated, shipped, installed on time that would normally take six weeks.
    It won two awards from AIA and from local construction guild. Never had a mention in publications or with the award.

  8. Mark Schoeman

    Phase 5. The celebration of the non-involved…

  9. CorbuZA

    Isnt there some sort of inversion theory that can be applied here, where the least involved on the project is usually getting the most publicity? I see this happen allot within our own office, that and the last man standing along with those who never composed or marked up a drawing.