Bugging Out

Discussion (5)

  1. Hunter

    “George, the day ends at 5:00.”

    Sounds like the same kind of guy who starts going on and on about how bad things are and how lucky we all are to have jobs about 3 or 4 weeks before Christmas bonuses are supposed to come out. And it never matters how busy you are, things are bad and “we’ll just have to see about those bonuses.”

  2. Random Architect

    Heh, my old boss used to walk through the whole office every day at 4:55 to make sure everyone was still there. Like clockwork, when the boss walked by you knew it was almost time to leave.

    • Random Intern

      Did that old boss also purchase a new sportscar right before a round of layoffs? Because if so, then I think we worked at the same place.

  3. Archi

    Hahaha – I had this thought last night at 11pm as I headed home from the office.

    What would I do if my office decided to pull this on me?

    A. Say the same and never stay late again
    B. Flip the eff out and quit.

    Good thing my office is (usually) understanding. *knock on wood*

  4. CorbuZA

    I often just tell my boss on Thursday or Friday that Im already working for free that week.