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  1. Sonnenbrille

    Been feeling the same way…
    though if you do not renew it, do you lose all your hours?

    • Ms Elusive

      You don’t lose your credits. My understanding is that your account becomes inactive, and then when you reactivate it you have to pay a reactivation fee, plus all your back dues. That is how it was, but NCARB has made a lot of changes recently.

    • SleepyArkitetk

      To add to Ms Elusive, you also lose NCARB Certification waiver fee of $1,500.

  2. pilote

    Joker, get them off your lap and move on. Forget the raise and get over with that.
    It took me ten years to make the move and I’m so happy I did now. And I wish I had done them before.

  3. MS

    “Used” my NCARB for the first time since getting licensed nearly 15 years ago. Despite paying the yearly fee, you would be amazed at how much they want just to forward your record to get licensed in another state. It was obscene.