“Arch” Madness

Discussion (11)

  1. cc

    Tom Kundig

  2. Bob

    Michael G. Imber

  3. Archi

    I want this to be a real bracket with firm seeds based on stats of the year. # of projects, % of project proposals won, $$ earned, employee additions/losses, and overall PR.

    Then we have a vote-out. Curbed National or Architizer should get on this.

  4. swolfearch

    Nothing about meeting the client’s program, meeting the budget, or meeting the schedule?

  5. Archi

    Perhaps! I’d assume any big f-ups would become public knowledge/ PR-related.

    But who will be the panel that gets to assign seed numbers?

  6. John

    Franklin + Newberry

  7. Brian

    I’m surprised the character on the far right didn’t name his own father.

  8. IR

    @Brian … um, because he’s not living.

  9. Brian

    Doh, I missed the “living” comment.

  10. Dick Jenkins

    We seem to be the only profession that seems to be obsessed with giving ourselves awards.

  11. swolfearch

    Architects do like awards, but nothing can compare with Hollywood.