Revit Windows

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  1. sk

    You can click on “close other windows” button to close all the windows other than the one that is open.

  2. Ratwar

    Why close out of Revit for an office meeting?

    • archiangel

      We don’t close out of Revit for meetings, but we do make sure everyone has synced and relinquished everything before, so the model we are reviewing has all current info, as well as editing access to all elements in case we make changes during the meeting.

      It’s really annoying when we are looking at something, and then someone is all “Wait, I worked on this 30 minutes ago, let me go sync in the work.” Then we have to wait for that person to sync, and then reload changes to the model at the meeting.

  3. Kevin

    You have office meetings?

  4. SrLnclt

    The close hidden windows button is your friend…

  5. cc

    kevin, that was my first thought too!! ha. not only office meetings, but office meetings to discuss the revit model. what a concept!?

  6. CorbuZA

    Save-to-Central, always guaranteed to pop up at the wrong time. How about also disabling those useless pop ups when you open a file, and for no reason stops the loading process, just so you can sit there like a chimp and click OK.