Resuming Projects

Discussion (3)

  1. anon

    Then add on taking the ARE’s & having a kid & you can’t remember what you did hours ago.

  2. swolfearch

    A couple of days ago, a project that was put on the shelf exactly one year ago today was brought back to life. And of course, it’s supposed to go out for bids next week. To make it more fun, it’s been changed from outline specs to full specs.

  3. Central Standard

    “Think you can handle it?”

    “Based on past expericnece it will take two (or whatever) days to get familier with where we left off and get going the project going again. Do the three weeks startt then? Three weeks- are you talking 15 days or 21 days? Will I have any help or am I on my own? When you get me the answers, I can tell you if three weeks is a reasonable time frame.”