AIA Emerging Professionals Happy Hour

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  1. howsthings

    The last thing that I want to do is meet MORE Architects. The organizers probably get their drinks for free.

  2. mclaw131

    As a member who has organized these events, I will say the intent is to generate dialogue between colleagues. Someone in a small firm may not have the opportunities provided in a larger firm, and gives a chance to share experience, discuss strategies for preparing for licensure. It’s not just about talking about the buildings around, or what you’re working on. Its professional development.

    And the organizers definitely do not get their drinks for free…

  3. archiangel

    How else are you supposed to get an “in” to a better-paying firm? Just don’t start dating another architect ;)

  4. Central Standard

    Anyone know where the old architects go?

    • Seth


    • Wolf

      @ Seth: Brilliant! :-D