“Important” Projects

Discussion (8)

  1. DavidK

    Be glad you only have two bosses, it will make it easier for you to initiate the conversation between them that should have already taken place.

  2. Sonnenbrille

    Overtime would be great…. if I was paid per hour instead of salary

    • RamaFan

      True that.

  3. joearch

    Easy one: “Well Mr. Franklin, I have this deadline for Mr. Newberry, that will take X number of hours to complete. Please talk to him and let me know which project has priority.”

    • Cadmonkey

      “I don’t need to talk to him, mine has priority” <– I've had that same conversation before.

    • Central Standard

      Get them in the same room or next to your work station, then they can hear each other decide which is the top priority. No surprsies.

    • joearch

      CM: Email To Mr. Franklin
      CC: Mr. Newberry
      To confirm our conversation, I am to put Mr. Newberry’s project on hold to complete yours’.

  4. Vic

    I’ve had that happen before, but I work for two really great principles. Between frames two and three, I could say, “I’ve already got a project with Mr. Newbury and it’s probably going to take all of my time.” And our Mr. Franklin would say, “Alright, keep going on that for now. I’m going to go talk to Mr. Newbury and see if I can set you on this, because it’s pretty urgent.”

    That said, I’ve had to pull the ton-of-hours thing because we’re so undermanned that everything is an urgent project.