Chronicles of the Office IT Guy XXI

Discussion (7)

  1. rami

    I’m not too proud to admit that I brought my home computer to work to ask our office IT for help.

  2. Ratwar

    This week someone unplugged their monitor trying to unplug their ethernet cable in my office.

  3. curt

    well, sometimes they ask me to go to their home….

  4. SrLnclt

    I think I’ve had 3 of the other 6 employees here bring in a PC or Laptop from home for me to “fix”. Even ended up making a house call for the boss earlier this week. I guess doubling as the IT guy here means job security…

  5. RamaFan

    I used to wonder that…then I recall my mother who would just rather buy a new computer than fix the old one.

    I also wonder to myself how can you work on a computer and in CAD for the last fifteen years and not know that all programs have shortcut keys and you don’t have to go to the button every time to save, print, copy & paste. OR not know how to use a da** veiwport correctly…OR not know how to properly use polylines…OR not explode a fu**** hatch.

    You know…the endless list of annoyances when you’re not only an Architect and doing all that but also the office IT guy and CAD Manager. I used to think I was alone..but now my friend…now I am not.

  6. Kristeena

    I have done house calls, and have had people bring in their computers.

    “Hello IT. Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

  7. just_j

    XKCD published what I believe is the definitive response to this question. Or you can do like I do. I keep the IT guy from my last company tied up in the basement of my house.