The Interns Are Coming

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  1. reklawoiram

    Got ours this week! So excited!!! First task for them…cleaning out my work station!

  2. E Architect

    I am of two minds on this topic -
    1) Do we essentially lie to the interns and paint a rosy picture of Architecture were everything is colorful bubble diagrams, sky-hooks and unlimited budgets, all to not scare them away from the profession? – or -
    2) Do we pull back the curtain and let them trudge through the trenches dealing with all the absurd busy-work and frustrating minutia in an effort to briefly lighten our own load simply because we had to do the same?

    I have mentored with 3 office interns and am about to get my 4th. I strive to give them a balanced yet fun exposure showing the wide range of the profession yet impress on them that there is some real work behind it all. Of the first three only one has gone on to be an Architect – the other two ran for the hills – so 1 in 3 is about the correct ratio from what I was taught in school.

    Not everyone can (or should) be an Architect.