Office Rebranding II

Discussion (10)

  1. Vic

    You know, I hated the EXTREME marketing I had to deal with as a kid.

    Now I kind of wish we’d have a bit of it in architecture. Our logos make us look like insurance adjusters.

  2. CADblaster

    No, really…. what did the other two look like??

  3. Rob

    They forgot the lengthy explanation of: (3) squares to represent the trinity. First one is colored peach for the all inclusive nature of the office, second one is vibrant orange to show they are trend setters. The third a dull gold for all the tarnished money they have in their bank account. Why squares? Because that is what architects do. They build boxes. Boxes from square brick, square tile. Their names are all lower case, as this makes them appear friendly. It is obvious there is a power play going on here as names are alphabetical. Are they a couple gay dudes? Use the + sign not the & sign??? Or is this trendy like a period instead of a dash in the phone number. AND…. don’t forget our egos. All caps, spread out across the bottom
    A R C H I T E C T. Commands the respect that the profession deserves. FINALLY…… Why is it this profession has two/three choices. 1) Names of founders-Franklin + Newberry 2) Initial (only ever 3) of founders (after they die and retire)-SOM or HOK…., 3) Really STUPID, creative names that you can’t use to answer the phone 3 | Z’ d. And, not I am no better than the rest of the profession when it comes to a name or logo. :(

  4. anon

    My company’s logo is a blue square ….. this is oh so familiar …

  5. joearch

    If the graphic – in this case, the three squares can’t stand alone from the text and still be recognized as your brand, what’s the point? That logo is stronger as just the text.

  6. Aaron

    Why would architects who are designers, hire someone else to design for them?

  7. joearch

    Graphic design and building design are two completely different skill sets, and very rarely does a person possess both.

  8. Tom

    Ours was a comma for a while…

  9. Etienne

    that’s my logo!.. think it’s lame…

  10. Samuel

    My company name and logo is a user defined hatch pattern which has a different pronunciation depending upon what sort of mood I’m in.