Project Photography

Discussion (4)

  1. curt

    remember when offices paid for office supplies? next you’ll be responsible for buying your own laptop. i’m sure the office will staff have lead holders though.

  2. E Architect

    It comes down to the two basic types of Architectural firms – those that invest in their staff; training classes, team building, flexible hours, etc. and those that invest in the tools of the job; computers, new software, better cameras, etc.
    The first results in an office full of technical pros with little or no way to demonstrate their skills and the second results in an office full of underutilized artists able to turn out wonderful content with little substance.
    The trick is to cultivate those people who have the ability to use that lame camera and yet turn out great photos – and is something that is difficult to train or buy …and that is the most difficult thing to get offices to understand.

  3. Mr_T

    What about the third type.. the one that doesn’t invest in anything :-)

  4. Phlox

    This might explain why Franklin and Newberry are only doing bathroom renovations. Good photography is an art, not an intern-with-a-point&shoot-and-half-an-afternoon kind of thing.