Delusions Of Grandeur

Discussion (3)

  1. cc

    you can’t be it if you aren’t thinking it…just saying.

    don’t stop believing!!

  2. RamaFan

    I remember those days….we had a guy that insisted on putting fabric structures in every project and thought that would be his ‘signature’. After graduation he found that the ‘real-world’ didn’t agree with him and went back to school and became a software developer. We had another that knew she hated Architecture by thesis year but continued just to get her degree; then went back to law school.

  3. Phlox

    “Be famous,” that’s a goal? That’s a result. Hopefully young grasshopper there alters his goals to do good, honest, profitable work that contributes to the beauty and function of life. That may lead to fame, but regardless, it’s worth going to work for every day.