Menial Tasks

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  1. RamaFan

    hahahahahahaha…you think you have a ‘pay grade’…that’s precious.

    You, like most of us, are the janitors, the interns, the architects, the IT guys, the light-bulb changers, the whatever no matter how much money we make.

    One day I’m heading up sixteen restaurant projects either in production or under construction; the next I’m told ‘you’re not a senior project manager’ so we won’t pay part of you cell phone bill even though clients call you day and night and on weekends. Never-mind that I’m licensed and have been working at this particular firm for eight years and that I’ve worked in the industry for ten AND one other person and I, besides the two bosses, have been with the firm the longest out of all thirteen employees.

  2. DrafterJ

    Chief cook and bottle-washer.
    One day I’m the intern vacuuming the floor, the next I’m the vice president bidding projects, then back to fixing the toilet.
    Which I have done at no less then 5 offices. Seriously, just hire a dam plumber.

  3. Sole Man

    As a sole proprietor I have no compassion for anyone who complains about having to do any task. It’s the job. However, I will admit that earlier in my career when I worked for others I “thought” there were things I should and shouldn’t have to do. Experience has been a good teacher. Today, if I hired an employee I would want them to be working to their highest and best use. But, if something needs to be done and they cop an attitude – for-get-about-it – I have more important things to worry about. And, if they won’t do it my only option would be to do it myself – so tell me why then would I have an employee? Employees work at the convenience of the company. The company does not exist for the convenience of the employee.

    • Wolf

      You, sir, are the reason that people hate their bosses, just because you feel that you can and will do anything doesn’t mean that your employees should.

  4. MtnArch

    It’s amazing – the bosses assign you to do these menial office tasks, and then at the end of the month YOU’RE in trouble for not having enough billable time because you ARE that senior!

  5. Central Standard

    You have a stamp?

    Big deal…

  6. Riss

    ” Employees work at the convenience of the company. The company does not exist for the convenience of the employee.” BUT said company would not EXIST without the work of employees. Treat your staff with respect, and you will have a much more successful business. Employees are people too.
    Also if you’re constantly giving out random tasks like cleaning, heavy lifting (besides rolls of drawings or samples) and building maintenance, that should be something stated up front “We’re a small office, so we do x,y,z of our own upkeep, all employees are expected to help out”.

    • Wolf