A.R.E. Retake Policy

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  1. Matt

    I suspect that the “new feature of exam support capacity” is that more questions have been written and are available for posting at this time. That was the reasoning in the past for the 6 month retake period, so that questions would have enough time to cycle out of the current rotation and you would be assured to receive a different test than you had already taken…

  2. IR

    … they could also just write 4 lines of code to not give you the same question twice …

  3. IR

    … and when they do that they’ll actually be able to announce NEW FEATURE!

  4. E Architect

    Actually Matt is correct – that is the main reason for the 6 month retake period.

    What this means is they now have a clump of questions of sufficient size that have been reviewed to allow for a more frequent test taking. This also points to 2 other pressures:

    1) More people are having to take sections a over again – not testing as well, i.e. more fails
    2) NCARB will be getting more cash flow as the rate of tests will increase

    So a person can now attempt a test section 6 times a year vs. 2 times a year.

  5. Central Standard

    What would you have done if you could take the design exam once a year and not taken any part of the exam until you passes the design section? O, the humanity!

  6. JMT

    FYI – there is a retake cap: candidates cannot take a section more than 3 times in calendar year.

  7. E Architect

    Good thing I passed all the sections the first time through. It felt like they changed the nature of the test about every 4 months in the first year of the computer version.