Office Rebranding V

Discussion (3)

  1. Central Standard

    About a year after our office rebranding and expansion, I came back from a weeks vacation and found the office in total disarray. What the? Was told the office decided to move.

    Then it leaked out the office hadn’t paid rent for months and we were to be evicted in about 10 days. I had the pleasure of pulling down the stick-on sign letters in lobby.

    Then it leaked out the IRS hadn’t been paid our withholding for years.

    Then it leaked out the fees to maintain the company 401 hadn’t been paid. Not surprising since we were all owed 2+ months pay.

    Guess when I found out the company had not paid into the state’s unemployemnt comp fund?

  2. Wally Tirado

    I worked for a firm where the entrance lobby signage logo was made incorrectly but a partners’s fault. Didn’t want to pay for corrected signage so the firm’s logo was changed to match.

  3. E Architect

    That match the logo thing happened at the first post-graduation job I got. They messed up the font on the front lobby logo so they just changed the stationary to match.
    Glad to hear that it happens to other firms!