Untimely Vacations

Discussion (7)

  1. joearch

    Love to have that job … everywhere I’ve worked if you haven’t done what you need to do before a vacation and there has been no handoff, you aren’t going anywhere.

  2. KSUDrummer

    Yeah, my boss always required 2 weeks notice for vacation and I would usually give 2-6 months notice. That way if a project deadline suddenly interefered with my vacation request I would remind them I requested it 6 months ago so they could plan accordingly.

  3. Ron Geren

    Looks like a good time to call in an independent specifier!

  4. arch!tect

    What I’ve learned is that it’s never a “good time” to take a vacation.

    But I’ve also learned that the world won’t come to an end if an arbitrary deadline gets pushed a few days.

  5. E Architect

    KSU Drummer has the correct approach by the way –

    One adage I’ve heard is “The more unrealistic the deadline you are given the more unrealistic the excuse you can use.”

  6. Justin Wong

    Aside from getting certified through CSI, how do you expect an intern, who is most likely a student, to know about specifications if it isn’t taught in college?

  7. Wolf

    Luckily in South Africa, the whole building industry, builders, engineers, architects, etc closes for between 3 weeks to a month from middle December to middle January for their annual holiday colloquialy lnown as ‘Builder’s Holiday’