Project Photography II

Discussion (3)

  1. Wolf

    Our office paid a family member to go take photos of our projects to do our website, afterwards we found that instead of going out and taking new photos, she just used the photos that was on our server…of the buildings as they were before we made changes to it. Awkward.

  2. joearch

    I have spent untold hours photoshopping construction photos to look like the finished building…

  3. E Architect

    It is amazing to me how few Architects can take photos, especially of their own projects. I have repeatedly seen fellow professionals come back from a close out job site visit on the other side of the state only to have 2 or 3 fuzzy cell phone images because they DID NOT TAKE A CAMERA!

    In our office I get razzed and teased about always having a camera and taking photos of buildings and yet when it comes time to have images at the ready – guess who has them?

    And because I am good with Photoshop the irony that I end up having to “fix up” other people’s lame photos is not lost on me. It is funny if you think about it.