Construction Schedules

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  1. SMF

    I actually have received a meaningful and accurate schedule. Multiple times. But most of the work I do works with a finite pool of seven or eight contractors that are used to my projects and know what the typical time frames are and where they can make up time if needed. Even when the client has a set “drop dead” FDOS date, they tend to make it on budget and on time.

    ….Occasionally though, when that odd GC gets the bid and they do not provide a schedule until latte in the job, critical milestone dates are usually way passed, missed and totally blown out of the water by then.

  2. joearch

    We do a lot of public bid work, so the schedule is often an arbitrary set of milestones wrapped in fantasy. We also require a submittal schedule (and specify that without a submittal schedule there can be no delay claims for submittal review), but we’ve never gotten one.

  3. Tim

    We do public school work and the contractor’s that we work with provide accurate and detailed schedules which they update regularly as the job progresses.

  4. DrafterJ

    I work in Telecom. Our contractors give us a slip of paper with some numbers on it that they promptly ignore.

  5. Artichoke

    So a friend of mine, early in his career, specified a Dalmatian for a fire station he was working on. 50 spot minimum…

  6. Krushert

    Once when when we posted an addendum to project that was alreay awarded to a GC that we new was a good sport, we stated that at job meetings, he had to provide donuts and coffee. Which he did and alot of other baked goodees that his wife makes and sells in a pastry shop.

  7. Kevin Burke

    The first one
    After that, not much