Typical Meetings

Discussion (5)

  1. Wolf

    I feel you, happens way too often. Btw 2nd last panel reads ‘Well, we can’t can’t paid…’, should read ‘…we can’t get paid..’.

    • joearch

      The architect’s blues …

  2. ER

    Even working at a small officve of just 3, i too have experienced a parade of coworker, phone, client dropping by unexpectedly

  3. Tim Wallace

    I had a coworker once walk in and start talking in the middle of my question to my boss. She didn’t even let me finish my sentence.

  4. FLiT

    Ugh… except now I am the one sitting behind the desk. Trust me, that’s worse, because you had about 20 things you needed to get done before someone came in to review a detail, and now you have 40.