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  1. RamaFan

    hmm…not much difference here. I got a raise six months after the fact after three years of no raise and then one year of a three percent raise that the government took in taxes. Now that food prices have skyrockets and ‘medical insurance costs’ (aka: obamacare taxes) have hit that raise doesn’t seem to have gone very far.

  2. joearch

    My health insurance costs went down this year (which generally seems to be the case in my state) But I had friends leave the profession because their income didn’t meet their expenses, and none of them were living extravagantly.

    • RamaFan

      Ours have more than doubled in the last three years.

      Family insurance at our firm is more than $1300 a month ON TOP of the amount we pay for individual coverage. Needless to say we get our family coverage through my wife.

      Through Obama it would be around $700.00 a month. We could get subsidies that put us on government doll (how I cringe to hear people say this is a ‘good thing’), will run out in a few years, and we might not get them anyway since you can’t find out unless you sign up….nor will anybody tell you when you get that. At tax time or per month? Nobody seems to know. If its at tax time that’s $700 a month out of pocket tell the return comes in.