Rendering Entourage

Discussion (6)

  1. Dennis McNeal

    If you’re on subscription, try cloud rendering – it’s very fast!

  2. SMF

    Or Photoshop the thing in. For example, a red convertible in the parking lot would only take about 15 min.

  3. joearch

    Photoshop. Or if you must, put the car in your model, turn all of the other objects off, and render just the car. Then Photoshop.

  4. Wightzian

    My boss keeps telling me to put flowers, cooking pots, pillows and teddy bears.

  5. Sarah

    You could also re-render only the region that’s changing and combine in any image software.

  6. Phlox

    I don’t think it’s the How the authors are commenting on, it’s the Why. One time I spent an entire night (on my birthday no less) painting a huge watercolor for a subdivision marketing office. The next morning, from the doorway 10 feet away, the project manager’s first comment was, “I don’t like that shade of green.” Too bad buddy.