Top Architecture Firms 2014

Discussion (9)

  1. joearch

    One of my friends worked for a firm the is strangely omitted from that list (though I’m sure they’re in the top ten – maybe because they also have an E component – I notice several firms with an E component were omitted from that list). She spent 6 months detailing toilet partitions before moving on to a four person shop.

  2. SrLnclt

    Usually firms have to want to be part of the list, since they have to submit financial information about the company. Some firms – even large ones – don’t want that information public so they don’t submit.

  3. Lee Jay

    Spent nine months at an HoK office before loosing my mind in dealing with the internal BS. Best training in the world.

  4. gonk

    We’ve worked with at least seven of the firms on these lists (architecture, architecture/engineering, and engineering/architecture). We’ve also worked with a couple of firms that I would expect to land on these lists but that are absent. Judging by the engineering list in particular, I am sure that these are not comprehensive lists – I can name a number of firms (architecture, A/E, and engineering) that ought to show up somewhere.

  5. Wai

    Those places don’t exist. It is a figment of your imagination. It’s been 6 years since I’ve done an architectural project. I’ve since moved on. I will never go back to doing architecture. There are no rewards in this profession. I’m going to become a nurse instead.

  6. DavidK

    Bigger projects are not always better. And larger firms do a lot of small projects, too. You may actually get exposure to a greater range of the profession in a small to medium sized firm, since of necessity there is less specialization there. The 401k is nice, however. ;-)

  7. Vic

    I worked for WD Partners (who made the AE list). I wouldn’t go back. The firm I work for may be smaller, but they’re the best employers I’ve ever had.

  8. E Architect

    I think the average size of an Architect’s office is still around 10-12 people in the USA. This is just about the minimum size to get maximum exposure without being so small that there is no individual specialization potential. I’ve worked in firms as small as 3 and as many as around 150. Overall I liked it when the office was no more than 30.