Yes, We Use Revit

Discussion (4)

  1. arch!tect

    At least your firm uses Revit. I’m at a firm that still uses AutoCAD exclusively, with no hopes of upgrading anytime soon. I feel like my career as well as this firm’s potential is hindered by their reluctance to upgrade. But they find the time to bitch at every staff meeting how each project is over on hours and budget…

    • cadmunki

      wait… your firm has staff meetings?

    • arch!tect

      How else are they going to get everyone together to bitch at them collectively? It’s more efficient that way…

  2. jenn

    We have this one guy who refuses to learn Revit… It’s this long-tail waiting game to see when they will finally fire him. And it’s super frustrating to be his friend, as he drags himself, the team and the firm down one project at time.

    On the other hand, the boss thinks Revit is magic and you can do projects in days now instead of weeks. So many promises biting him on the ass, and yet, somehow, it’s the team’s fault for not keeping his promises. Le. Sigh.

    We do love the innocence of interns however. Boss asks how long it will take to get project fully ‘rendered’ – the guy says, truthfully, ‘Three weeks.’ Boss huffs and says ‘You have two days.’ (boss just wants a pretty shell to show as a model, kid gives him full estimate to permits)

    So. Much. Fun!