Annual Review

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  1. Dru

    I realized early on that firm jumping was the only way to really get a promotion and/or raise. I always had the worst timing too, as every time I would look for a new firm the market would bottom out. Luckily I never had a problem finding a new gig with usually a decent pay bump so over the course of 10 years I had 4 different positions at 3 different firms (I did the infamous “return” once).

    Last year I took the ultimate pay hit and started working for myself which knocked my income down to when I just got out of college 10 years ago. I may be in a tough place financially, but having the ability to control the project and be the direct point of client interaction makes it completely worth it.

    • Dan

      Loved your comment and agree completely. I’m working for myself now as well and pay is hit and miss but the ability to be truly flexible with my personal time and work time is worth everything to me. Working 70 or 80 hours a week for someone else was draining my creativity and sucking my will to live. :)

  2. FLiT

    When you go in for a review, you know your in trouble