Goodbye, Interns

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  1. Maxx

    I hate when interns are gone…

  2. DavidK

    You do an awful lot of filing. Guess that is on advantage of working at a larger firm. The only filing I do is of the electronic type, which is what most of our filing is these days.

  3. smh

    Firm size doesn’t matter as much as firm commitment to technology. I worked at one large firm that was 100 years old that was always server hard drive constrained (this was 15 years ago) and a medium sized firm with a younger principals where we did almost everything electronically. He also committed to Revit before Autodesk bought them and had some software people to develop some add-ons for Revit.

    • DavidK

      Agreed; commitment to technology does not correlate to firm size. I was thinking more along the lines that in a larger firm, it is more likely that there will be staff member(s) whose duties include whatever actual filing remains to be done, freeing the professional staff to do what they are trained to do. (The professional staff would probably misfile half of it, anyway.)

      Even back when everything was on paper, I was never asked to file anything in the office files. I suspect that would not have been the case if I had worked in a small firm, especially when I was a much more junior staff member.

  4. Wolf

    Filing in our office consists of piling it up on our desks until the piles get too high to see our co-workers, then we file.

  5. LeoT

    I just realized all these times you guys brought up filing, it didn’t mean Department of Buildings filing (submissions for city approval)
    Man, I’ve been doing expediting too much