NCARB Fees III: Amnesty

Discussion (4)

  1. GuySmiley

    I took advantage the first time they offered it after swearing I wouldn’t after they told me how many hundreds I “owed” for the lapsed record … If your state allows early ARE it’s probably worth it. Passed 4 so far since .

  2. E Architect

    Over the years I have learned to minimize my interactions with NCARB to what is absolutely necessary – sort of like limiting your visits to the dentist such that you never need a root canal.
    “Metaphorically” it feels and costs about the same.

  3. JMT

    Keep in mind, a current Record means the initial NCARB certification fee is waived. There are benefits to the certificate, aside from license portability. NCARB underwrites IDP/ARE thru the certification program; the more certified architects there are, the easier it is to keep running IDP/ARE in the red.

  4. E Architect

    I did not know that NCARB underwrites IDP/ARE however that is not a benefit to the individual architect who is already registered. My IDP experience was only slightly better than dealing with NCARB as at the time IDP was not required in the state to sit for the registration exam and the local AIA chapter was little help with IDP because of it. All this feels like NCARB has created the very problem that the fees they charge are trying to cover.

    In the end I just ask myself if NCARB actually helped me become an Architect and my answer is a strong NO.