Architects In Fiction

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  1. MinnesotaFats

    Mike Brady! Had a family of eight, plus a live in maid on an architect’s salary in the 1970′s. He was able to take the whole family to the Grand Canyon and Hawaii (yeah, like a client is going to pay for his whole family to go). He got to design the ultimate “decorated shed” for Zsa Zsa Gabor, “Poofy-er darling, poofy-er!” Mike Brady is the king of all fictional architects.

  2. Wolf

    Ted Mosby!

  3. joearch

    The Phantom of the Opera

  4. swolfearch

    Wilbur Post. He had an excuse for putting up with a lot of horse s**t.

    • Jenn

      And who among us would not love to draw on a board that is covered in horse dust?


  5. KeraineW

    Elyse Keaton, Family Ties – my original inspiration for becoming an architect. And I challenge you to repeat this exercise and find any other fictional female architects, ’cause I can’t think of any others at all.


    Philip Bosinney, from the Forsyte Saga

  7. jesser

    Hands down…Art Vandelay.

  8. SG

    George Constanza ought to get an honorable mention, even though he was just faking. “Nothing is higher than architect”.

    For female architects, how about Michelle Pfeiffer in One Fine Day.

  9. Random Architect

    Daddy Pig in the kid’s cartoon Peppa Pig. Yes, I have small children at home, and they think I’m an architect just like Daddy Pig, lol!

  10. Tim
  11. Krushert

    Simon Wyler (played by Christopher Plummer) in the movie “The Lake House”

  12. joearch

    I guess it’s a positive sign of our society that no one has gone with Paul Kersey yet…

  13. ArchAddict

    For Hotness: Virginia Madsen as Beth Stanfield in Firewall (2006)

    For Everything Else: Ted Mosby, Mosbyest Designs

  14. archtim

    George Monroe (Life as a House)…in the opening scene when he tells his boss off and then goes to town on the models with a drawing tube….who hasn’t dreamed of that!

    • archmaker

      As they pointed out in the movie, he wasn’t a “real” architect, he was just a model builder.

  15. Anssi

    Seth Pecksniff (in Martin Chuzzlewit). He keeps drawing instruments by his bedside in case divine inspiration hits him at night but in reality he steals the ideas of his apprentices.

  16. Ty Kaul

    Joker / Maverick
    as an instructor at an architectural school -( basically first and second year)
    besides the usual course material I relish the opportunity of turning students on to your website…
    ( if they are going to be architects they might as well learn to laugh…)
    congratulations you have just given a wonderful lead in to the semester…

    thank you

  17. A Navar

    It would have to be Art Vandelay.

    Also another female architect is Michelle Pfeiffer in “One Fine Day”

    • Kat

      Me too!!!

  18. VADesigner

    Mr. Simms – “Mr. Blandings Builds his Dream House”

  19. Darcy

    Even though the movie terrifies me for what it represents (losing your life trying to work towards partnership), Michael Newman (Adam Sandler) in Click.

  20. Mike

    Peter Mitchell (played by Tom Selleck) in Three Men and a Baby

  21. RamaFan

    Ted Mosby…probably one of the most accurate portrayals of an architect I’ve ever seen in entertainment. He’s obsessive, he’s nerdy, he’s detail oriented…he’s just like most of us. I wonder who they had consult on that.