Drawings By Engineers

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  1. TIM

    ANY Existing conditions drawings should be used with caution.

  2. RamaFan

    I just can’t figure out why engineers can’t do the following things:

    1. Use a font other than RomanS or Simplex. Join us here in the future…use a legible font that doesn’t look like crap.
    2. Close polylines. PLEASE for the love of humanity use and close polylines properly.
    3. Use MText instead of twenty-five lines of single text.

  3. Cadalot

    Usually it’s the Engineer using the Architects drawings and

    1) We use RomanS or Simplex because that’s the way we were trained to BS308
    2) when you turn off the paths all the windows disappear because they don’t understand the concept of layers.
    3) I asked an architect friend of mine why architects still can’t get the string dimensions to add up to overall dimensions even with CAD His answer was “Tradition”

    • Dru

      I wish I could add a “like” to this reply, especially to #3.

  4. Bill Redmond

    Being of an age that I was taught manual drafting, I’m accustomed to seeing fonts like Simplex. My wife trained as a graphic artist and I’ve heard all about the readability of upper and lower case and serif fonts. Tell me what you want and provide the font and I’ll do what you want.

    As a “sparky,” I generally consider a measurement to the nearest 1/4 inch to be more than adequate. Over a 200 foot floorplate, I suppose that could add up. I only draw backgrounds when the architect won’t do it for me (“I’m not doing any work in that room.”).

  5. FLiT

    I feel like a better lesson would be to redline the drawings and send the markups back to the engineer and owner. Every time you send redlines send the bill for the time it took to review and mark up the drawings. See how many times that takes before the owner has a falling out with his brother.

  6. Central Standard

    You ALWAYS diemnsion to a column line, right?

    Amen to the 1/4″; I use 1/2″ on plans…

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  8. Wolf

    I really don’t like working on someone else’s CAD files, feels kind of like wearing someone else’s underwear, just nasty.