Discussion (4)

  1. Cass

    ADMarker is my marker of choice…

  2. Phlox

    Don’t do it! Just say, “No!” Think of your health man!

  3. Frank

    I always swore the art teachers owned stock in the local art supply store, for the amount of $$ they made us spend each Fall.

  4. ER

    HAHA.. I just did that last week, we were cleaning out our storage room and found some admarkers and prismacolor. Yes, i checked if they were still ‘juicy’ or ‘buzzworthy’. Took me back to my first job with a Landscape Architect where we would go through like 20 – 30 pens a month, I loved those coloring days. Smelling those markers immediately brought back the other common smells in the office, like the ammonia from the diazo blueprint machine..