Coming In Late

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  1. KeeperOfTheFour

    I had a boss once who took away flex time after he realized he didn’t like people coming and going as he did. Of course taking away the flex time was for the office employees only, he still came and went as he pleased. After that he cracked down and anytime you weren’t in the office between the hours of 8-12 & 1-5 you were to use vacation. If you took a lunch from 12:30-1:30 and worked until 8:00 you were still suppose to take a half hour of vacation for your lunch that ran “long”.

  2. Charr

    WOW!! that’s horrible!!

    I love my Flex Time ;)

  3. DrafterJ

    I had an old boss try that. Then the nice lady doing payroll ‘accidentally’ paid him for the hours he was in the office. Apparently 31 hours a week was all he was working.
    It quietly went away shortly there after.

  4. Riss

    I really wish I had flex time available… 3 companies so far in my resume and no one has had it available.

  5. TIM

    place I worked once we had a range from 7Am to 6PM where we could insert our ’8 hours’. We filled out a form so that he would know when we were going to be in the office. Of course it was rare we could leave with out over time.

  6. Darcy

    Definitely love my flex time, because it allows me to come in late the morning after working well past bedtime… if 9am can be considered “late”. Still pisses me off when the boss sidles silently out the door at all hours of the afternoon, though!