Simple Drafting Assignments

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  1. Set em up

    You said it…. Sounds like you had an issue with the design studio. LOL

  2. bowl 'em down

    Just be thankful you have a job! Full-time employment in the architecture field is at an all-time low.

    • Ryan

      Really? Man, I feel so overloaded it’s ridiculous and every employer/former employer is trapped under a veritable deluge of work. I just got off a two month stint of working from 9am to 3am 5 days a week and putting in 10-15 hours every weekend.

  3. Ratwar

    You over estimate the ability of first year interns.

  4. Wolf

    @Ratwar, you are absolutely spot on, I can remember how green I was as a 1st year intern.

  5. Tom

    where i used to work, one of the guys with his name on the wall would always come around with little projects…they were always supposed to “pretty easy, not take much time, and it’ll be a little fun.” they were never any of those things.

  6. Central Standard

    The differenence between and architect and draftmans is an architect can think and draw at the same time.