Code Compliance

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  1. Jocelyn

    But it happens more than you’d think!

    -your friendly neighborhood fire protection engineer

  2. joearch

    How else do you think I gained my expertise in ANSI 117.1, the rehab code and the building code as an intern?

  3. KeeperOfTheFour

    My favorite was getting the bum wad layout to make into plans that had the men’s and women’s bathrooms represented by 2 5′x5′ squares staked 2 deep off the corridor. Really…? I have never seen an ADA bathroom that size, and even if you could do it, you can’t walk through one to gain access to the other.

    Boss man: “Why are my offices so small, they were all 11′ wide in my layout.”
    Me: “I had to add a 5′ corridor to get to the back bathroom, as well as make them ADA complaint…again.”

  4. Xiandave

    And then the client wants it compared to other codes. “Hey the contract says ‘applicable codes,’ we think this is applicable.”

  5. swolfearch

    They also ignore constructability, cost, material properties, and lead times. They seem to believe that if they can sketch it, it will work.

  6. RLGA

    As a code consultant that works almost exclusively for architects, I can tell you this is a VERY real problem.

    I had one client that had a dead end corridor issue on a set of plans I was reviewing; I explained the problem and pointed out the applicable section of code. Next project, same architect, same building type…and you guessed it, same dead end corridor issue. SMH

  7. mwelsh

    We don’t have the time to do it right the first time but we have the time to do it over

  8. SMH

    Why is it the people who are the closest to needing ADA accessibility tend to be the ones who ignore it the most?

    Probably about 90% of the “sketches” that I get are so far from any code compliance that it is laughable and unusable. Then they wonder why there are fewer offices and less furniture than what they had laid out.

  9. FLiT

    Don’t worry, you will be drawing non-compliant sketches for interns soon enough.

  10. Ryan

    It will still get through the building department. My now ex employer has been pumping out blatantly inaccessible bathrooms for years and has yet to be caught. I honestly believes the only thing you need for accessibility is a 5′ turn around…