Area of Refuge

Discussion (5)

  1. H.K.

    Or just add a sprinkler system. Client’s call. After estimating the costs, the storage room it is.

  2. Archie

    Same goes for electrical panels. You really can’t be storing stuff in front of those. Combination storage/electrical rooms are a terrible idea.

  3. Ryan

    The elevator in my building was down the other day so I had to use the stairs. Get to the third floor landing and it is almost completely blocked by enormous fake plans. I had to shimmy past them to keep going. At least there is a slim chance anyone else will ever encounter that problem because the building’s owner refuses to install appropriate signage so anyone looking for the stairs would never be able to find them.

  4. ncmyk

    With all that trash, it’s the “area of refuse”

  5. Architarte

    Right? Also electrical/ data closets… I’ve seen so many electrical closets turned data closets and you can’t even open the panels!!! Ahhhhh